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Larry and I would like to send you our sincere thank yous, for the very nice job you all did with our story and ad. Looks great. Thanks for the xtra copies as well. It is much appreciated. Your August issue is quite impressive overall. , Nancy/Prairie Breeze QH

I don’t do Facebook, so this will have to do.  I read you magazine front to back each month.  It probably has the most articles of interest every month and any horse or other magazine I read.  Had you not let it out that you have only been a publisher of a year I would never have known.  I believe you and your staff of writers do an outstanding job creating articles that are interesting and really amusing ones.  I for one will continue to subscribe even if I am all the way down in Colorado.

Thanks for the good & fun reading.

Roger Bates


Just a note to tell you, your March issue, has without a doubt, the most complete coverage, I have ever seen on The Black Hills Stock Show!! love being able to see all the placing’s for all the different events held,complete with money won!  Keep up the good WORK, you are doing a Terrific JOB!
Sincerely, Mayola West, West Paint & Quarter Horses

I was very impressed with the content of this issue! It contained more valuable information than any horse magazine I’ve read for the past few decades! And, I subscribe to several. I like information I can use to give my horses a better life and that gives me any edge I can get in my competition. The one minor downfall I saw in this issue was that in your tips from experts section you forgot mounted shooting! You have several multi-year national champions in South Dakota, one in North Dakota, the top two brothers overall national shooters in Minnesota, along with a lady that is overall national champion, just to name a few off the top of my head.
Keep up the good work! I will be renewing my subscription this week!

Kelli Shryock

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