9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2017 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 Maegan McPherson, Show Date: 09/28/19              
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605-685-4182                     
             Location: James Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, SD              
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
Paying to 10 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 22360.00, Rider count = 409         
     1D Time = 16.348, Placings = 37, Pool = $ 5590.00                       
     2D Time = 16.848, Placings = 88, Pool = $ 5142.80                       
     3D Time = 17.348, Placings = 82, Pool = $ 4472.00                       
     4D Time = 17.848, Placings = 51, Pool = $ 4024.80                       
     5D Time = 18.348, Placings = 64, Pool = $ 3130.40                       
                     Not Placed = 87                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.348 $1118.00             Kelly Conrado on CFour Tibbie Stinson     
   2nd 16.350 $839.00              DeAnn Morgan on Colour Me Fast            
   3rd 16.392 $727.00              TK Lawrence on Pistol N A Petticoat       
   4th 16.393 $615.00              Jordan Sanders on Sun Frosted Chicynn     
   5th 16.417 $503.00              Kaylee Gallino on JC Truly Bob            
Tie    16.417 $503.00              Michaella Lay on Spur Drifter Te          
   7th 16.431 $363.00              Maggie Poloncic on Prime Time Ta Streak   
   8th 16.447 $335.00              Shyann Lucas on Vital Fame                
   9th 16.478 $307.00              Christy Willert on Gold Reed Davis        
  10th 16.573 $140.00              Libby Diedrichs on Axel                   
Tie    16.573 $140.00              Calley Worth on JRT Lilys Cash            
  12th 16.588                      Summer Kosel on Docs Royal Win            
Tie    16.588                      Lexi Bath on Mojave Jones                 
  14th 16.646                      Branda Marsh on ABK Elvis                 
  15th 16.686                      MaKenzee Wheelhouse on TM Betty Badger    
  16th 16.692                      Deb Thompson on Stretch An Spank          
  17th 16.694                      Kaylee Gallino on JC Baldy Frost          
  18th 16.697                      Sindi Jandreau on GG                      
  19th 16.722                      Jessica Maahs on Sass and Dash            
  20th 16.737                      Melissa Brandt on American PYC            
Tie    16.737                      TK Lawrence on Giddy On Out               
  22nd 16.764                      Haylee Hepper on Smoke N' Dasher          
  23rd 16.772                      Gretchen Lehrkind on Webb To Fame         
  24th 16.776                      Angie Wiesen on Alero Classic             
  25th 16.781                      Wendy Suhn on HLH Streakin A Fling        
  26th 16.795                      Kelly Anders on Palleos Speed Rocket      
  27th 16.796                      Jaime Ottun on Asgoodasredgets            
  28th 16.807                      Colleen Moorman on A Classic French Kiss  
Tie    16.807                      Lindsey Evers on Always on the Money      
  30th 16.810                      Paige Twitchell on Rocket Shadow Blurr    
Tie    16.810                      Misti Brown on Kings Patti                
  32nd 16.812                      Roberta Baldwin on Flickas Frosty Dream   
  33rd 16.820                      Hallie Hanssen on Shatter Me              
  34th 16.828                      Ashley Worth on I Assure U Guys           
  35th 16.836                      Cassandra Bauske on Ima French Wonder     
  36th 16.842                      Bobbie Miller on Rockin Maxine            
9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 2   
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
  37th 16.846                      Hallie Hanssen on Jetolena Design         
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.848 $1029.00             Mika Drews on Aimless Eddie               
   2nd 16.853 $771.00              Bobbie Miller on Saltys Key Celebrity     
   3rd 16.863 $669.00              Cristi Gaffney on Martha's Six Shooter    
   4th 16.899 $566.00              Gale Beebe on JW Tri Me PeeWee Jr         
   5th 16.905 $514.00              Sarah Myers on Magna Spark                
   6th 16.906 $411.00              Angie Wiesen on Snazzyinbeautyjeans       
   7th 16.915 $334.00              Melissa Bachand on Miss Smooth and Famous 
   8th 16.917 $309.00              Misti Brown on Casey's Corona Moon        
   9th 16.926 $283.00              Kailee Webb on Famous Sumbeach            
  10th 16.937 $257.00              Cydney Peterson on Oh What A Frenchman    
  11th 16.938                      Skye Ogilvie on BB Jets Classic           
  12th 16.944                      Melissa Brandt on Guys French Fling       
  13th 16.947                      Stephanie Newman on Frenchmans Kid Rock   
  14th 16.954                      Sue Fortner on Rosey Boquet A Cash        
  15th 16.955                      Madison Smith on UB Peppy                 
  16th 16.960                      Lori Shearer on SX Blazin Brucolena       
  17th 16.969                      Kit Miller on Ima Special KindaGuy        
  18th 16.970                      Marlene Woodword on Woody Be Magic        
  19th 16.972                      Michaella Lay on PB Getusum Dinero        
  20th 16.978                      Wendy Suhn on She B Astreakin             
  21st 16.982                      Rayel Livermont on Ali Especial           
  22nd 16.992                      Madison Smith on Corona's Best            
  23rd 17.000                      Linda Hunter on Paid Prescription         
  24th 17.002                      Janesa Lange on Pretty Smooth Guy         
  25th 17.006                      Mary Mitzel on Flashy Bay Lena            
  26th 17.007                      Sandy Harms on Frenchmans Humbolt         
  27th 17.018                      Amy Wilcox on DHR Litas First Rose        
  28th 17.029                      Lexy Williams on Brett James              
  29th 17.033                      Karie Suhn on CoalTrain Fame              
  30th 17.036                      Breanne Bull on Montana Jo                
  31st 17.039                      Lorrie Fillingham on Indian Maidian       
  32nd 17.040                      Katie Fisher on Frosty Leo Lady           
  33rd 17.048                      MaKenzee Wheelhouse on Sami               
  34th 17.053                      Betsy Childers on Lizzy Diamond Dude      
  35th 17.057                      Addison Salverson on BHR Classy Doc Frost 
  36th 17.062                      Wendy Suhn on Hes Just A Fling            
  37th 17.063                      Lonnie Farella on A Smooth Time           
  38th 17.080                      Courtney Whitman on Smart Dry Pete        
Tie    17.080                      Joey Williams on PR Sun Smooth            
  40th 17.088                      Jill Moody on Freight Train Jayne         
  41st 17.092                      Cally Kindred on TR Sister Judge          
  42nd 17.110                      Lauren Lehl on Jasper                     
  43rd 17.116                      Val Kamen on TM Driftin Breeze            
  44th 17.117                      Chelsie Shearer on Shady                  
  45th 17.121                      Rolene Hoegerl on Dr Speed Dash           
  46th 17.122                      Kailee Webb on No End Too Far             
  47th 17.124                      Sidney Peterson on Frenchmans Apollo      
9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 3   
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
  48th 17.137                      Lorita Crofford on Frank Tango            
  49th 17.138                      Misty McPherson on SL Lots of Frosting    
  50th 17.141                      Rebecca Hodges on Kruise Kontrol          
  51st 17.142                      Kari Salverson on Try Classy He           
  52nd 17.143                      Cedar Jandreau on Shootin Yellow Arrows   
  53rd 17.145                      Kathleen Carlson on Salty Dog             
  54th 17.148                      Rhonda Matt on RM Playing Cowboy          
  55th 17.154                      Deanna Johnson on Frenchmans Gun          
  56th 17.157                      Cathy Roesler on No Fools Nuggette        
  57th 17.161                      Autumn Lane on El Quixote Colonel         
  58th 17.178                      Tammy Schwartz on Berts Frenchman         
  59th 17.179                      Caysen Gran on I CD Jewels                
  60th 17.180                      Stephanie Newman on Frenchies Easy Cash   
  61st 17.183                      Marlene Wendt on Guys Smooth Gal          
  62nd 17.196                      Kaylee Gallino on WQ Bar Socks            
Tie    17.196                      Shawna Letcher on Doin What She Needs     
  64th 17.198                      Courtney Whitman on Shiny Roan Wheels     
  65th 17.199                      Mary Bleeker on Mercedes Pride            
Tie    17.199                      Kristin Schwartz on Zanlts Lil Lena       
  67th 17.201                      Chrissy Peterson on Red Pep Code          
  68th 17.202                      Jill Eppert on Whiskey Makes Me Streak    
  69th 17.228                      Kristin Schwartz on Sheza Whiskey Chaser  
  70th 17.238                      Amy Johnson on Icey                       
  71st 17.249                      Kelly Dyke on Jerry Jamboree              
  72nd 17.262                      Madi Waln on Crabbe Appleton              
  73rd 17.267                      Cindy Stewart on FCS Streaknoutofsite     
  74th 17.274                      Heather Bauman on Rollin Easy Doubles     
Tie    17.274                      Lindy James on He's Mitey Quick           
  76th 17.277                      T Merrill on Red French Azalea            
  77th 17.287                      Linda Evridge on JL Skip Olena Pep        
  78th 17.291                      Stacia Lange on Alley                     
  79th 17.292                      Melissa Wilcox on AlamitosSunFrost Son    
  80th 17.293                      Jonnie Anders on Rockn Strechn Rebel      
  81st 17.304                      Tyra Stromer on Ivy                       
  82nd 17.306                      Jessica Holmes on Chief Jorge Sanchez     
  83rd 17.321                      Toree Edgar on A Smooth Ransom            
Tie    17.321                      Tommy Kay Martin on TCross Berrie Pie     
  85th 17.322                      Sandy Harms on Guys Ocean Eyes            
  86th 17.327                      Chazere Schmautz on Scamper               
  87th 17.329                      Deb Ryan on SS Fame                       
  88th 17.337                      Kathleen Carlson on Ima Folk Dancer       
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.349 $894.00              Dee Haugen on Frenchin in the Rain        
   2nd 17.352 $671.00              Shania Larive on Tiger on Fire            
   3rd 17.359 $581.00              Gretchen Lehrkind on Nikkis Famous        
   4th 17.360 $492.00              Tera Persche on RR Pheonix Sweets         
   5th 17.363 $447.00              Shelly Woodford on KS Lips Like Sugar     
   6th 17.369 $358.00              Kensey Roemen on Snippys GoGo Drift       
   7th 17.371 $291.00              Tommie Kay Martin on Poco O98             
9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 4   
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
   8th 17.372 $257.00              Lainie Scholte on CR Royal Statement      
Tie    17.372 $257.00              Lacey Roberts on Belles Handy Lynx        
  10th 17.380 $224.00              Jordan Tierney on Frosted Frenchy         
  11th 17.397                      Mike Boomgarden on Lucy                   
  12th 17.410                      Kaylee Lambert on Cash                    
  13th 17.412                      Karlee Kalberer on Sparkin Hot Deck       
  14th 17.418                      Kaylee Williams on Buddy                  
  15th 17.423                      Jorry King on Kat War Bars                
  16th 17.425                      Jenna Clark on Jasper                     
Tie    17.425                      Nikki Hansen on HH Lettie Kellogg         
  18th 17.439                      Kailee Webb on No Mas Wild                
  19th 17.457                      Kia Hardy on Demis Pure Frost             
  20th 17.462                      Cassie Hayman on CRI Drifting Whiskey     
  21st 17.468                      Sydney Maher on Hot and Quick             
  22nd 17.494                      Carey Mackey on Packin the Bomb           
  23rd 17.499                      Jessica Maahs on A Dash of Prince         
  24th 17.500                      Janet Haase on The Diesel Express         
  25th 17.501                      Shahayla Suhn on Famous French Parfum     
  26th 17.502                      Taylor Hoxeng on Jewels Texas Cutter      
  27th 17.510                      Deb Bixler on No Way Hosay                
  28th 17.517                      Paula Lind on Last Bar Chip               
  29th 17.523                      Ellen McKenzie on CRI Rio Bravo           
  30th 17.526                      Taylor Hoxeng on Set Em Up Taylor         
  31st 17.530                      Paula Lind on Nine One Chick              
  32nd 17.531                      Kelly Larson on Freckles Doc Barbie       
Tie    17.531                      Katie Langdeau on Streakinmakesufamous    
  34th 17.540                      Misti Brown on Signature Quixote          
  35th 17.543                      Taylor Barry on Starberts Unik Daisy      
  36th 17.545                      KayTee Bleeker on Sweet Frost Feathers    
Tie    17.545                      Susan Kolb on UX Dr Logan Rocks           
  38th 17.547                      Carey Mackey on Packin Chico              
  39th 17.552                      Emily Kruger on Peptos Pretty Kaidas      
  40th 17.554                      Charity Hoar on Billy White Shoes Pud     
  41st 17.569                      Denise Sabo on SS PerkolatinSugar         
  42nd 17.571                      Lindy James on Preferred Disco            
Tie    17.571                      Lorita Crofford on Famous Drifter         
  44th 17.573                      Melissa Stephens on Zoom the Mall         
  45th 17.598                      Kayla Rodgers on Dial Some Dinero         
  46th 17.599                      Britt Hussey on Sultans of Swing          
  47th 17.601                      Shari Kennedy on Olena Socks              
  48th 17.604                      Stephanie Kingston on FA Woodys Crystal   
Tie    17.604                      Ashley Worth on BB Shake N Bake           
  50th 17.624                      Jena O'Connor on Dashers Riata Tivio      
Tie    17.624                      Jodi Simons on StarsandSnipsForever       
  52nd 17.625                      Delaney Siebert on Corona's Little Guy    
  53rd 17.626                      Kimberly Bail on Famous Barbara Jean      
  54th 17.634                      Melissa Wilcox on Hashtag                 
  55th 17.635                      Cindy Stewart on FCS A Perk A Bug         
  56th 17.636                      Shanna Carroll on TC Black TY Classy      
  57th 17.639                      Branda Marsh on Illuminated Fame          
9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 5   
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
  58th 17.643                      Sue Fortner on BF Sterling Silver         
  59th 17.646                      Ashley Boyer on Czech Me Out              
  60th 17.651                      Angela Shadbolt on Hot High Heels         
  61st 17.659                      Michelle Clobes on Rare Bugs at Da Bar    
Tie    17.659                      Sherry Morrison on CDC High and Mighty    
  63rd 17.670                      Melissa Brandt on Frenchiesgotthecash     
Tie    17.670                      Renee Ecoffey on Tint Me Firewater        
  65th 17.679                      Jennifer Estes on Bee Bobbin Cowboy       
  66th 17.681                      Jenna Rolland on Aubrey Kleberg           
  67th 17.692                      Tara Reinert on Seeker                    
  68th 17.696                      Carsyn Hibbs on Sparkins Prime Time       
  69th 17.711                      Elisha Wise on Oscar L                    
  70th 17.720                      Ashley Lee on Bandito Draw                
  71st 17.721                      Jenna Castleberry on Shakem Chic          
  72nd 17.725                      Sue Fortner on BF Winstons Hot Rod        
  73rd 17.729                      Becky Newberg on Regarding Chick          
  74th 17.734                      Amber Erk on Too Tru Spice                
  75th 17.752                      Ginny Anderson on Peptos Pretty Tease     
  76th 17.766                      Sharon Means on Murphy Honors             
  77th 17.767                      Dee Burgess on Kay Cross Kricket          
  78th 17.788                      Linda Hunter on Red White and Run         
  79th 17.842                      Kari Cable on Fast Dashin Dixie           
  80th 17.844                      Pamela Lei on Wheel N Dash                
  81st 17.845                      Kathy Campbell on Streak of Crystalzz     
Tie    17.845                      Emilia Schaffer on Barbies Gota Gun       
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.857 $805.00              Tess Wyly on Poncho Streak                
   2nd 17.858 $604.00              Lacey Clements on Peptos Drift            
   3rd 17.864 $523.00              Ashlee Miller on Streakin Sue Hancock     
   4th 17.866 $443.00              Lauren Lehl on Johnny                     
   5th 17.887 $402.00              Nena Nyberg on WW Breezin Bayou           
   6th 17.906 $322.00              Claire Boyer on Deck of A Frenchman       
   7th 17.924 $262.00              Toree Edgar on A Smooth Movida            
   8th 17.929 $241.00              Sherri Knippling on Raz                   
   9th 17.937 $221.00              Kayla Rodgers on RNF Gay Bar Royal        
  10th 17.941 $201.00              Sherri Knippling on Turf Merchant         
  11th 17.945                      Cally Kindred on TR Cashen Badger         
  12th 17.946                      Stacia Lange on Piney                     
  13th 17.952                      Becky Barry on Zee Honey Bee              
  14th 17.965                      Dani Hanzlik on TPS Handy Driftwood       
  15th 17.972                      Michelle Shipp on NZ Frenchmens Doll      
  16th 17.973                      Mary Feagler on FedEx                     
  17th 17.981                      Jill Eppert on Royal Classy Chick         
  18th 17.983                      Robin Tierney on Frosted Rosie            
  19th 17.995                      Ruth Stevenson on Lightning Does Damage   
  20th 18.003                      Lexi Bath on Rhymetime Jones              
  21st 18.011                      Kellyn Shearer on SX Grace for Casey      
  22nd 18.015                      Krista Thumma on Seven                    
  23rd 18.040                      Cassy Woodward on Royals On Firewater     
9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 6   
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
Tie    18.040                      Cristy Kinghorn on Lizzie                 
  25th 18.055                      Lacy Willey on Jr Famous Patriot          
  26th 18.057                      Cindy Witt on Boon Light Cricket          
  27th 18.064                      Becky Bishop on Sheza Redemption          
  28th 18.069                      Mackenzie Miller on SMGoldplatedmercedes  
Tie    18.069                      Ashlee Estes on Better Flyin Chick        
  30th 18.082                      Wendy Bechen on Tellie                    
  31st 18.083                      Mike Boomgarden on Madison                
  32nd 18.091                      Madison Smith on First Down Stella        
  33rd 18.113                      Emily Kamen on SX Bullettas Lady Love     
  34th 18.114                      Shawna Letcher on One Smooth Savage       
  35th 18.128                      Stacy Torres on TF Shining Zippo          
  36th 18.132                      Rae Lynn Roesler on French Check Ta Fame  
  37th 18.167                      Carrie Belkham on Sky 1                   
  38th 18.174                      Lainie Scholte on My Coyote Playboy       
  39th 18.179                      Kenda Carroll on MR JB 0731               
  40th 18.197                      Tandra Thrall on Greyt Dude               
  41st 18.210                      Darcie Ridl on Flyin in Action            
  42nd 18.215                      Kerri Lambert on Roadie                   
Tie    18.215                      Mel Smith on Reba                         
  44th 18.223                      Allie Ostrander on PC Smoke 50            
  45th 18.268                      Tana Counts on A Proper Panther           
  46th 18.282                      Betsy Childers on PJ Pep Bars             
  47th 18.289                      Kaylee Williams on Keepseagle             
  48th 18.300                      Michelle Shipp on Bustin Thru Fire        
  49th 18.311                      Deanna Johnson on Frenc Flit Playboy      
  50th 18.316                      Nikki Davis on Widder Sixie               
  51st 18.317                      Mackenzie Miller on Firing for Fame       
                               5D Placings                                   
   1st 18.355 $626.00              Lorie Johnston on Chieflikas SunFrost     
   2nd 18.357 $438.00              Becky Newberg on AG Joe Decka Spring      
Tie    18.357 $438.00              Jordyn Buettner on Tom Thumbs Money       
   4th 18.361 $344.00              Lorie Johnston on Leo Shanty King         
   5th 18.371 $313.00              Summer Boomer on Keeper of the Moonshine  
   6th 18.383 $250.00              Charity Hoar on SJQC Rumba Blanton        
   7th 18.390 $203.00              Beth Till on Hot Sauce                    
   8th 18.392 $188.00              Sierra Zowada on Biduino Chaldis          
   9th 18.406 $172.00              Ronda Gangl on CO Lickity Split           
  10th 18.409 $157.00              Lacey Houck on Texas Jitters              
  11th 18.412                      Sue Sell on Rich                          
  12th 18.418                      Hailey Crowe on FX Paint Me Famous        
  13th 18.424                      Denise Bauman on Triple Top Star          
  14th 18.441                      Denise Bauman on Barons Moon Bar          
  15th 18.446                      Reagan Grueb on Youngs Lena Whiskey       
  16th 18.455                      Lexy Smith on Jaggin Ta Fame              
  17th 18.457                      Dawn Cable on Frostys Twist Ethel         
  18th 18.533                      Rachel Webster on Ms. Smokin San Tule     
  19th 18.536                      Megan Harkless on Batman                  
  20th 18.544                      Peg Bath on Basil Jones                   
9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 7   
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
  21st 18.545                      Ethel Martin on Bel's Rare Fantasy        
  22nd 18.553                      Donna March on She Maybe Streakin         
  23rd 18.559                      Emily Santero on Reno                     
  24th 18.601                      Deidra Hinman on JS Frenchmans Bully      
  25th 18.617                      Jean Hart on Oakley                       
  26th 18.649                      Jesselyn Seaton on Amber Bee Drift        
  27th 18.653                      Megan Harkless on Yo Me Tonka             
  28th 18.675                      Alesha Johnson on Sven                    
  29th 18.707                      Becky Barry on Frenchman's Chica          
  30th 18.763                      Lana Rau on BHR Frosted Class             
  31st 18.777                      Lacey Clements on Boons Oso French        
  32nd 18.809                      Brandy March on Runner                    
  33rd 18.813                      Taylor Barry on Little Peppys Becka       
  34th 18.831                      Tandra Thrall on Charly Cat               
  35th 18.855                      Kelly Dyke on Rooster                     
  36th 18.875                      Brita Ryan on Tess                        
  37th 18.879                      Stacy Torres on Bar Guys Frosty Gal       
  38th 18.881                      Ashley Buffington on Gypsy                
  39th 18.906                      Carol Anne Weigel on Krog's Chip          
  40th 18.923                      Lori O'Dea on A Saint of Joe              
  41st 18.935                      Molly Allen on Doller                     
  42nd 19.120                      Rebecca Kaiser on Mr Ad Lib Cowboy        
  43rd 19.125                      Jody Cowell on Tbar i Molly               
  44th 19.183                      Megan Harkless on Don't Haida The Cash    
  45th 19.217                      Breanne Bull on Flinging Bullion          
  46th 19.224                      Lonnie Farella on Time Ta Be Smooth       
  47th 19.260                      Ashley Lee on Khaki Dun It                
  48th 19.374                      Nancee Welling on RB Trick                
  49th 19.381                      Kelly Hunter Boomer on Sugs TwoEyed Tuffy 
  50th 19.392                      Kylee Miller on Dashing Thru Daisys       
  51st 19.677                      Morgan Frein on Jolly Jumper              
  52nd 19.941                      Sammy Vickers-Meeks on PR Cats Kitten     
  53rd 19.984                      Michelle Lewis on Larocco Dude's Cash     
  54th 20.235                      Lacey Slaba on Coosters Budha             
  55th 20.355                      Megan Pond on Utah                        
  56th 20.441                      Carol Anne Weigel on Dreamy Poco Bar      
  57th 20.654                      Kaia Hunter on Maggie                     
  58th 21.222                      Shannon Olson on Frenchmans Chateau       
  59th 21.508                      Deidra Hinman on Spitfire N Ice           
  60th 21.623                      Mel Smith on Pebbles                      
  61st 22.716                      Bridget Romey on Mister Night Time        
  62nd 22.960                      Beth Till on Positively On Deck           
  63rd 23.196                      Beth Till on Decks Hot Leaguer            
  64th 23.441                      Cydney Peterson on VC Streakin Badger     
N/T    999.000                     Kelley Johnson on Jas Ginger Snap         
N/T    999.000                     Cheyenne Kems on This Chicks Pistol       
N/T    999.000                     Cally Kindred on TR Hay Im Dollys Sis     
N/T    999.000                     Lori Hill on HPO Don't Drink And Drive    
N/T    999.000                     Carsyn Hibbs on Profits Raquel            
N/T    999.000                     Stephanie Curtis on RR Im A Phoenix Fox   
9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 8   
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
N/T    999.000                     Jorry King on Hannah                      
N/T    999.000                     Bobbie Miller on Spratts Possiblefame     
N/T    999.000                     RoseAnn Ewan on Steakingoldpacific        
N/T    999.000                     Kyndra Elshere on Flit My Ways            
N/T    999.000                     Jada Rokke on Pocos Peppy Breeze          
N/T    999.000                     Melodi Christensen on Cruising On By      
N/T    999.000                     Shausta Blodgett on Tresible Deduction    
N/T    999.000                     Kelly Wheelhouse on Los Lonely Boy        
N/T    999.000                     Stacy Torres on Fancy                     
N/T    999.000                     Lana Rau on JJ Glide to Glory             
N/T    999.000                     Cory Stump on DC Select Afrenchgal        
N/T    999.000                     Ruth Stevenson on Just A Boon             
N/T    999.000                     Melinda Smith on Skeeter Bug RX           
N/T    999.000                     Kristen LaDuke on Byeza                   
N/T    999.000                     Georgann Addison on Royal Crackshot       
N/T    999.000                     Lori Shearer on SX Smooth Drambouie       
N/T    999.000                     T Merrill on Farrah                       
N/T    999.000                     Sue Sell on Wallie                        
N/T    999.000                     Kari Salverson on Tequila Ta Fame         
N/T    999.000                     Bridget Romey on Sixoclockcash            
N/T    999.000                     Amanda Harris on Smoken Frenchgirl        
N/T    999.000                     Ashlee Miller on Lucky                    
N/T    999.000                     Bridget Romey on Im Smoothies Girl        
N/T    999.000                     Lorrie Fillingham on BJ                   
N/T    999.000                     Roxanne Ripley on RR French Silk Pie      
N/T    999.000                     Shandra Stromer on Hot Diamond Girl       
N/T    999.000                     Jill Moody on TR Dollymademefamous        
N/T    999.000                     Dana Murrell on Leos Lil Smoken Girl      
N/T    999.000                     Darcie Ridl on TR To Tru Badger           
N/T    999.000                     Areana Pourier on Netties At The Ranch    
N/T    999.000                     Michaela Kathrein on Watta Belle Wrangler 
N/T    999.000                     Shannon Olson on Duke                     
N/T    999.000                     Alesha Johnson on Jessie Jayne            
N/T    999.000                     Maggie Poloncic on Aint Seen Me Yet       
N/T    999.000                     Ann Nonnast on Parrfect Frost             
N/T    999.000                     Sherry Morrison on Holdontoyourhattie     
N/T    999.000                     Tommie Kay Martin on Jackpot Illuminator  
N/T    999.000                     Cathy Mallery on Frosted French Image     
N/T    999.000                     Jada Rokke on Touche                      
N/T    999.000                     Pamela Lei on Trick Pony Cartel           
N/T    999.000                     Pamela Lei on French Cash Yawl            
N/T    999.000                     Wynnette Williams on Kit Kat Jet          
N/T    999.000                     Lexi Thyberg on Big Big Wonder            
N/T    999.000                     Summer Kosel on Extra Special Treat       
N/T    999.000                     Shania Larive on Speculite                
N/T    999.000                     Kaylee Williams on French Fly             
N/T    999.000                     Sydney Kukla on Tiger Dasher              
N/T    999.000                     Kaylee Williams on Kippie                 
N/T    999.000                     Allie Drosihn on Sunny Two Socks          
N/T    999.000                     Tracy Knodel on Colonel Bar Rey           
9:10 PM 09/29/19       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 9   
                     WF West Fest Jackpot in Open 5D 2nd Go                  
N/T    999.000                     Cassandra Bauske on Guys Dream Girl       
N/T    999.000                     Jacque Hackett on Two Bits                
N/T    999.000                     Patty Jons on Fury of the Sun             
N/T    999.000                     Darcy Jangck on Mega Powder Puff          
N/T    999.000                     Emily Santero on Feature Amos Moses       
N/T    999.000                     Maggie Poloncic on French Feathers        
N/T    999.000                     Karlee Kalberer on Turbo Streaker         
N/T    999.000                     Taylor Hoxeng on Hox French Sparkle       
N/T    999.000                     Taylor Hoxeng on Pepper Pecan             
N/T    999.000                     Brooke Diedrichs on Perkins               
N/T    999.000                     Katie Hostutler on Jet                    
N/T    999.000                     Peyton Smith on Athena Dual Cool Cat      
N/T    999.000                     Stephanie Curtis on CC Dream Baby         
N/T    999.000                     Taryn Eversvik on PR Candy Stripe         
N/T    999.000                     Shandra Stromer on Permanently Cool       
N/T    999.000                     Megan Pond on On The Money Manday         
N/T    999.000                     Becky Edwards on Cassies Little Frenchman 
N/T    999.000                     Jo Crain on TM Woodenlatch                
N/T    999.000                     Jonnie Anders on BitOfParis               
N/T    999.000                     Crystal Schrank on Famous One Night Stand 
N/T    999.000                     Misti Brown on Jessys Guy                 
N/T    999.000                     McKenzie Jendersee on Dashn To Feinish    
N/T    999.000                     Ashley Brewer on Feintastic Effort        
N/T    999.000                     Melissa Brandt on Oh So French            
N/T    999.000                     Minda Woodward on Red                     
N/T    999.000                     Mike Boomgarden on Peanut                 
N/T    999.000                     Sherri Knippling on Yo A Speedy Corona    
N/T    999.000                     Deb Bixler on Wood Be Famous              
N/T    999.000                     Melissa Bachand on Frenchmans Tuff Enuf   
N/T    999.000                     Elisha Wise on Foolish Perks              
N/T    999.000                     Kailee Webb on One Wild Dash