12:11 AM 09/29/19      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2017 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
              Producer: 1872 Maegan McPherson, Show Date: 09/28/19              
                     Contact: Maegan McPherson 605-685-4182                     
             Location: James Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, SD              
                   West Fest Jackpot in Whip N Spur Slot Race                
               Race Sponsored by: Dave Davis Agency - AmFam                  
Paying to  6 placings, Jackpot Total = $ 15300.00, Rider count = 64          
     1D Time = 16.386, Placings = 20, Pool = $ 7650.00                       
     2D Time = 16.886, Placings =  9, Pool = $ 4590.00                       
     3D Time = 17.386, Placings = 14, Pool = $ 3060.00                       
                     Not Placed = 21                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 16.386 $2142.00             Kelly Conrado on CFour Tibbie Stinson     
   2nd 16.533 $1683.00             Jordan Sanders on Sun Frosted Chicynn     
   3rd 16.600 $1377.00             TK Lawrence on Giddy On Out               
   4th 16.636 $1071.00             Bobbie Miller on Spratts Possiblefame     
   5th 16.669 $765.00              Libby Diedrichs on Axel                   
   6th 16.672 $612.00              Paige Twitchell on Rocket Shadow Blurr    
   7th 16.677                      Angie Wiesen on Snazzyinbeautyjeans       
   8th 16.682                      Misti Brown on Casey's Corona Moon        
   9th 16.701                      Deanna Johnson on Frenchmans Gun          
Tie    16.701                      Cally Kindred on TR Cashen Badger         
  11th 16.726                      Lauren Lehl on Jasper                     
  12th 16.775                      Angie Wiesen on Alero Classic             
  13th 16.798                      Shyann Lucas on Vital Fame                
  14th 16.816                      Tres Schaack on Shamrox Holy Fame         
  15th 16.827                      Cydney Peterson on Oh What A Frenchman    
  16th 16.835                      Hallie Hanssen on Tfour Uno Love          
  17th 16.840                      Lindsey Evers on Always on the Money      
  18th 16.847                      Kesse Deal on CEO Just A Winner           
  19th 16.862                      Calley Worth on JRT Lilys Cash            
  20th 16.874                      Rachel Tiedeman on Shea Blazin Bay        
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 16.899 $1285.00             Summer Kosel on Docs Royal Win            
   2nd 16.989 $1010.00             Cathy Roesler on No Fools Nuggette        
   3rd 16.997 $826.00              Colleen Moorman on A Classic French Kiss  
   4th 17.058 $643.00              Summer Kosel on Extra Special Treat       
   5th 17.071 $459.00              Melissa Brandt on Oh So French            
   6th 17.083 $367.00              Ashley Worth on I Assure U Guys           
   7th 17.108                      Karie Suhn on CoalTrain Fame              
   8th 17.131                      Hallie Hanssen on Shatter Me              
   9th 17.157                      Cristi Gaffney on Martha's Six Shooter    
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 17.392 $765.00              Delaney Siebert on Corona's Little Guy    
Tie    17.392 $765.00              Lacey Roberts on Belles Handy Lynx        
   3rd 17.504 $551.00              Rebecca Hodges on Kruise Kontrol          
12:11 AM 09/29/19      Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 2   
                   West Fest Jackpot in Whip N Spur Slot Race                
               Race Sponsored by: Dave Davis Agency - AmFam                  
   4th 17.506 $428.00              Maria Schillinger on Righteous Kill       
   5th 17.521 $306.00              Mike Boomgarden on Madison                
   6th 17.620 $122.00              Val Kamen on TM Driftin Breeze            
Tie    17.620 $122.00              Jana Thornton on Royal Quick Choice       
   8th 17.672                      Shahayla Suhn on Famous French Parfum     
   9th 17.851                      Taylor Barry on Starberts Unik Daisy      
  10th 18.066                      Deidra Hinman on JS Frenchmans Bully      
  11th 18.242                      Lacey Houck on Texas Jitters              
  12th 18.326                      Becky Barry on Zee Honey Bee              
  13th 18.778                      Ashley Buffington on Gypsy                
  14th 18.841                      Stacia Lange on Piney                     
N/T    999.000                     Cheyenne Kems on This Chicks Pistol       
N/T    999.000                     RoseAnn Ewan on Steakingoldpacific        
N/T    999.000                     Kelly Wheelhouse on Los Lonely Boy        
N/T    999.000                     Madison Smith on UB Peppy                 
N/T    999.000                     Monet Drolc on Famous Magnum 44           
N/T    999.000                     Bridget Romey on Sixoclockcash            
N/T    999.000                     Pamela Lei on French Cash Yawl            
N/T    999.000                     Michaella Lay on Spur Drifter Te          
N/T    999.000                     Misty McPherson on SL Lots of Frosting    
N/T    999.000                     Maggie Poloncic on Aint Seen Me Yet       
N/T    999.000                     TK Lawrence on Pistol N A Petticoat       
N/T    999.000                     Stacia Lange on Alley                     
N/T    999.000                     Hallie Hanssen on Mean Cheerleader        
N/T    999.000                     Deb Thompson on Stretch An Spank          
N/T    999.000                     Vicki Fogerty on Ima Dashn Frenchgirl     
N/T    999.000                     Breanne Bull on Montana Jo                
N/T    999.000                     Allie Drosihn on Sunny Two Socks          
N/T    999.000                     Erin Zoucha on Sparkling Ta Fame          
N/T    999.000                     Brooke Diedrichs on Perkins               
N/T    999.000                     Becky Barry on Frenchman's Chica          
N/T    999.000                     Bailee Murion on Some Corona